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Postal address:
Ferrex Scandinavia AB,
Box 9033, SE-400 91 Gothenburg, Sweden

Visit us:
Datavägen 12A,
SE-436 32 Askim, Sweden


The company was founded in 1980 by Ulf Zeidler and Ulf Holmgren.

The founders already had a broad background in the steel industry that combined practice, theory and experience. Right from the start their goal was to establish a strong, comprehensive and competitive range of semi-manufactured steel products, and to supply customers with all the products they required. Customers should be able to ask us about any materials, including processed parts. The goal was to find the optimum economic balance between warehouse deliveries and direct deliveries from steelworks.

We started with four co-workers, able to handle all the aspects that a steel company should be able to offer its customers, including a department for the all-important deliveries. We approached the task in a modern way and put strong emphasis on our customers demands in the future.

It was not only important to build up relationships through good technical knowledge and service. It was also important to be able to communicate in the same language as our partners.

Service was an important keyword right from the start, as was knowledge. We believe it is essential that we always stay abreast of the latest developments in steelmaking. We intend to pass on information about new types of steel and find ways to apply them to existing parts, thereby providing an economic model for meeting the continuing demand to reduce prices.

Our aim was to help develop products economically by employing innovative methods, so that both customers and suppliers could enjoy the satisfaction of working as a team towards an economical and profitable goal.

This approach has led to professional, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

We acquired around 40 partners in the steel industry worldwide.

Our product range came to include the entire range of known steels.

Our company has developed steadily over the years.
While many others have merged because they were unable to manage the demands of the market, our long-term attitude and broad experience have given us a strong reputation for service, know-how and advice. We have always focused on our customers, but we dont forget our partners. Openness is an other important way of creating wise, effective and long-lasting relationships.

Today we have 15 competent co-workers in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm. We also have an engineering workshop that supplies essential flanges to the engineering industry.

If you are considering Ferrex as a steel supplier then you have come to the right place. We thank all our customers and patners who have supported us over the years and put their faith in long-lasting co-operation.

Welcome to Ferrex.

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